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We are a team of design and marketing experts.

Our goals and purposes are simple: helping you succeed. Our solutions are built around you and the materials you need to go-to-market.

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Meet the team of experts.

Our team has decades of graphic design and marketing experience across a variety of platforms, industries, and disciplines. Together, we provide an end-to-end solution to your marketing needs.


Greysen Paige Cohen

Greysen Paige

Co-Founder, CEO

Tabbitha Lemaire

Tabbitha Lemaire


Tim D'Agostino

Tim D’Agostino

Co-Founder, Co-Owner

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Tabbitha Lemaire

Heidi Boula

Executive Assistant, Project Administrator

Creative Directors

Steve Martin

Creative Director

Rachel Banta

Creative Director

Wes Townsend

Creative Director, 2D/3D Design & Animation

Business & Marketing Strategists

Rachel Boone

Business & Marketing Strategist

Graphic Designers

Erica Wilson

Senior Graphic Designer

Rick Butz

PowerPoint Technician, Audio & Video Post-Production Specialist

Kristian Olson

Senior PowerPoint Designer & Technician

Arbi Khodagholian

Graphic Designer, Presentations

Shayna Reinbold

Graphic Designer

Caroline Ostenfeld

Graphic Designer

Nic Panasci

Graphic Designer, Presentations

Jason Hardesty

Graphic Designer

Web Designers & Developers

Serdar Yildirim

Web Designer, WordPress & Squarespace

2D/3D Graphics & Animation

Matthew Corrales

2D Motion Graphics Designer

Content & Copywriting

Kevin Burke

Copywriter, Content Strategist

Internal Marketing & Account Management

Michelle D’Agostino

Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

Ed D’Agostino

Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

Information Technology & Systems

Ian Rose

IT Specialist

Executive Advisors

Baronet Kellman

Executive Advisor

Kirk Mossing

Executive Advisor, Leading PowerPoint Expert


To help businesses like you succeed.

We are a team of designers and marketers who know what it takes to build effective marketing materials. Our purpose is deeply rooted in your success and helping companies like you determine the kinds of impacts you can make on the world and enable you to make them.


We are…


You are the center of our efforts. Our aims are to help you succeed and we will deliver materials that help you achieve your goals.


We are committed to helping you find your unique voice and aesthetic that helps elevate your brand in a sea of noise.


We are focused on delivering the best quality marketing asset you can get and better than our competition.


We don’t just simply deliver a designed product to you. With you, we are committed to see it through to a successful outcome.


We know that today’s trends change tomorrow. We are constantly researching and learning new skills to deliver the most impactful materials.


Our aim is to deliver materials that help you achieve your goals today and stand the test of time tomorrow.

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