We are the graphic designers you’ve been looking for.

Firebrand Elite is a new, invite-only, elite service by Firebrand, featuring the industry’s best talent all in one team. We deliver the best in graphic design services across presentations, websites, marketing and sales collateral, 2D/3D animation, brand and logos, and more. 

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The best of the industry, all in one team.

Our team is comprised of individuals who have worked at or with top companies such as Google, Microsoft, 3M, Cisco, and more. They know what it takes to deliver an enterprise-level marketing or sales asset that stands out from the competition.


Best of industry designers

Our designers are former employees of Google, Apple, and other leading companies.


Free discovery meetings

For each project, you will get a free 30-minute discovery meeting to discuss your needs and how Firebrand can help.


Retainer based

Firebrand Elite comes with a retainer requirement. In your eligibility interview, your strategist will review the various options available to you.


Pre-Pay Program eligible

Firebrand offers a Pre-Pay Program for all of its service tiers, which gives you a varying discount percentage off of the hourly rate depending on the option you choose. 


Dedicated elite design team

When you work with Firebrand Elite, you will consistently work with the best in the industry designers to ensure continuity of service and design.


Dedicated Senior Creative Director

Your Senior Creative Director will be the mastermind of all of your creative needs. This person will ensure that not only all of your projects are on-brand but exemplify the best aspects and aspirations of your brand.


Dedicated Business & Marketing Strategist

When you need a partner and strategist, you will have access to your dedicated Business & Marketing Strategist who can help you create strategic plans to ensure your business growth.


Get access to the elite team of designers.

Firebrand Elite is an invite-only service simply to allow our teams to focus on you and your needs and not get overwhelmed by numerous clients’ needs at once. We will work with a select number of companies at a time.

With that, Firebrand Elite will require clients to enter a monthly retainer agreement to ensure a consistent flow of work for these designers.



10:00 – 6:00pm ET