Introducing the Business Starter Kit

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Business Updates

We now offer a kit to help you get your business started.

Starting a business has multiple variables and one of them is creating effective marketing materials. Many turn to services like Fiverr or Canva to create logos, brochures, websites, and business cards, but they often can be off-brand and inconsistent.

Today, we are launching the Business Starter Kit.

This kit, designed by professional graphic designers, contains all of the essentials that you need to start marketing your business at an affordable cost.



Brochure / Flyer

Business Cards

Our kit comes with a variety of features and complimentary services including:

  • Free 30-minute consultation
  • 1 year of complimentary domain registration and hosting
  • 3 months of complimentary site maintenance
  • Premium website features
  • Discounted additional services

Learn more about the Business Starter Kit and schedule your free 30-minute consultation to get started!