Freshen Up Your Marketing in 2021

by | Jan 3, 2021 | Industry Trends

The new year is a great time to take stock of all of your customer touchpoints and determine where you can freshen up both your design and your marketing messages. Learn how you can approach the many types of marketing media below.


Your website is meant to be a living, breathing medium where you post the latest updates and service offerings. Often, when you use tools such as Google Analytics as part of your marketing efforts, you can determine how your pages are performing based on bounce rates and visitor behavior.┬áIf you don’t have analytics on your site, it’s important that you get it set up today.

Even without that data, you can still consider the following ways to refresh your site:

Spice it up with new images.

Whether it is new stock images, custom photography, or diagrams, a fresh take on the same concept can help.

Survey your marketing messages.

Are your key marketing messages and call to actions really creating action? Now is a great time to activate your current client/customer base and survey their reaction to your current and proposed marketing messages. You may be surprised at the results.

Test your contact form and its placement.

Run some A/B tests on your contact form. Maybe there are too many fields. Maybe it’s too hard to find. Maybe it’s not even working at all!


Sharing the same old slides from a year ago? It’s time for an update. Here’s what you can do:

Change out photography.

New faces can help create new connections. In addition, make sure you’re depicting scenes that are real and feasible in the COVID era.

Optimize your presentation for Zoom and other virtual spaces.

What may have worked in person a year ago may not work on Zoom. Animations are a big no-no as they often don’t render well in virtual meetings.

Ensure each slide communicates one thought at a time.

Go through and review your content to make sure that you’re only communicating one thought per slide. If you’re jamming a lot of thoughts and topics on one slide, you’ll surely lose your audience.

Marketing Collateral

How are you distributing your brochures and one sheeters in a COVID landscape? Are they ready for the digital space?

Ensure you have both print and digital versions of your marketing collateral.

Often, brands have specific colors for both the print and digital space. In addition, most print-ready files are not meant to be shared online as they don’t create a great online experience.

In your digital collateral, make sure you use hyperlinks to encourage further engagement with your content and messages.

Optimize for screen sizes and scrolling.

You have to treat your digital one sheeters differently from your print versions. In person, a visitor to your trade show booth can take in the entirety of your one sheeter while it is in their hand. Online, more than likely they will need to zoom in and scroll to consume the content.

With that, treat your collateral like a web page by elevating your most important marketing messages and making your calls to action clear and clickable.


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