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We want to help as many people and companies as possible. Your referrals are that key to our success. Learn how you can refer clients to us and get paid.

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Firebrand Design & Business Solutions is a graphic design and marketing agency seeking new clients and ways we can help businesses grow. We know that you know many people who work for or own companies that could benefit from our help.

As a result, we want you to promote us, and if they become a client of ours, we will pay you a percentage of the work they do with us.


Download the Partner Kit

The partner kit is full of brochures, social media posts, and our Design Book, ready to distribute to the people you know.


Introduce Someone to Firebrand

Share our Design Book or brochure or mention us to your colleague and friends. 


Send an Introductory Email

When your friend or colleague is ready to work with us, send an email to introducing them to us. That way, we know that you were the referrer and that you get credit.


Get Paid

If your friend or colleague becomes a client of ours, it’s time to celebrate, because you’re going to get paid! You will get 2% of what they do with us for 1 calendar year.  

You will have the option to apply those as a credit for future Firebrand services, or we can also simply send the money to you.


Here’s what’s inside your kit.

Our partner kit has a variety of brochures and media to help you get started. We will continue to add to the kit as time goes by and will send you new materials as they’re ready.

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Terms and Conditions

New client referrals that become a client of Firebrand Design & Business Solutions, Inc. on or after April 4, 2022 are eligible for the 2% referral payment.

Payments will be made once payment for services rendered is received. The period of payment begins the day the client signs a contract with Firebrand Design & Business Solutions, Inc. and ends 1 year after that date.

By signing up for the program, you agree to receive periodic email updates about the program and the launch of new collaterals that you can distribute to your contacts.

Firebrand Design & Business Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to change the terms of the program at will and will notify you of any changes made. Any questions about the program can be directed to